A Must-Have Tool for developers for Tech Content Curation

Imagine a blend of tools like Twitter/Pocket/Feedly with only tech content that matters.

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“Like me, every developer does it”

Hi! I'm Jonathan Martin, a full stack developer who loves to learn every day. I'm trully passionated in tech, programming, and startup ecosystem.

Every day I find awesome links, posts or tweets that I cannot read immediately, so I end up saving them to read later or sharing them on Slack with the teams I work with.

Achieving that was quickly becoming really messy, especially when I wanted to find those links back.
For an interesting tweet, I liked it. For a Medium post, I bookmarked it, on Reddit, I saved it, on a blog or website, I used Pocket (a great tool to save bookmarks). When I was on my smartphone, I was mailing to myself interesting links and so on…

To do my daily tech curation I follow a lot of people on Twitter, but I often miss relevant links because my timeline is polluted with a lot of non-tech tweets. I know my friends are doing the same as me (like many developers), and I thought we could crowdsource our tech curation by being able to see the current readings of other developers...

I couldn't find any solution that solves this problem, so I decided to build Nightolws.Ninja to help developers like me to easily save and gather all the tech content that matters for us and our teams.

Bookmark tech content from your browser

Simple, just like any other bookmark tool, save the current page to your account in one click.

Customized options are available and allow you to share your bookmarks automatically with your teams (on Slack too ).

Available for chrome firefox
Finally a solution to share with my colleagues all the links I find on the web without having to bother them with notifications every hour! Alexandre Borel — FrenchFounders
Sharing in a browser

Bookmark from your smartphone

Bookmark tech content from your smartphone in the same way you would share a link to any other social app. The experience will feel as simple and complete as doing it from our browser extension.

No more emailing links to yourself to read later on your smartphone, Nightowls synchronises instantly my content across all my devices. Kevin Trinché — Vulog
Sharing on iOS

The power of teams

Create as many teams as you'd like with your friends and colleagues.
Bookmark content privately or shared with your teams and get notified of new bookmarks from your team members on Slack.
Sharing a link to your dozen of Slack workspaces has never been that easy.

I love how Nightowls has a historic of all the links and content my teams and I shared, all in one place. Remi Arnaud — Melon Melon

Tech Curation Timeline

Get a unified feed of bookmarks, GitHub activity, and RSS, from you, your teams and the developers you follow.

We gathered in one place, all the tech content curation you need, to become a better developer every day.

Nightowls helped me discover content I love by following the curation of developers I used to follow on github/medium. Clement Fourel — Subito Labs
Sharing in a browser

RSS Feeds are not dead!

Just add RSS feeds that you follow on your account and retrieve all content on your timeline.

The better is coming…

This is only the beginning for us. We are building a tool that we daily use and hope it will also fit to your needs. The next steps for us are to offer a better experience on our mobile app.
We are open to feedback.